Vorssammuseo 3.0

torstai 14. toukokuuta 2015

We. Are. There.

From 13-16 May, Forssa will be competing in Glasgow for the title of the 2015 European Museum of  the Year. The competition will involve 42 museums from all over Europe.  EMYA-jury member Sirje Helme visited Forssa last autumn to access our validity as a competition entry. It was a very exciting time. As Christmas approached, we received the wonderful news that we had been named as a candidate for the prize. In February, we sent off more images in order to present ourselves. Then I received notice of our order of presentation: we will be one of the final entries. I wonder if the order of presentation is drawn? Or are the favourites left to the last, just like in ski jumping?

Our delegation in Glasgow: Sami Sulkko, Raine Immonen, Kati Kivimäki and Jarmo Pynnönen.
The town administration of Forssa, as well as the Board of Education and the Future stand firmly alongside the museum, allowing the Mayor of Forssa Sami Sulkko, Cultural Manager Jarmo Pynnönen and Chairperson of SiTU Raine Immonen to support the museum director by also travelling to Glasgow. Reports from the trip are promised. Internationalization intensifies: about a week, @vorssammuseo began to tweet away.

Image Tanja Härmä.

What is there to tell about Forssa? When translated, the lyrics of Sininen and Valkoinen (Blue and White) by Jukka Kuoppamäki tell us that ‘Would I tell about the poverty, Wood boards in front of the doors? Or all the richness? Until I knew the answer.’ I would also express that Forssa is a small town with a great history. That the town has faith in the future, determination, wisdom, compassion, community spirit and humour. That our museum is a meeting place for young and old, traditional and modern technology, digitization and handicrafts, creativity and historical data. That all Finns have slept blissfully under sheets made by Finlayson in Forssa. That we at the museum have a strong belief that our history may also very well be the future of our tough little town?

The moment of truth is only two weeks away and to be honest: we are all nervous and excited. The material presenting the activities of the museum is on Susanna Kaharinen’s worktable, and the show outfits are being sewn by Erja Frisk. The outfits will present Finlayson Forssa’s classical patterns: “A million hearts” by Arja Mattila, as well as patterns by Aini Vaari. A recent partnership with Finlayson will provide additional content. It is an honour to be able to fly the flag on behalf of Forssa’s textile heritage, when one is aware that it also has a future.

Is there anything that you would like us “Ambassadors for Forssa” to say for you out there in the world?

Image Tanja Härmä.

Forssa Museum competes for the European Museum of the Year 2015 Award. The winner will be announced in the EMYA Event in Glasgow in May the 13th-16th. There are 42 participants all over Europe: the newest trends, best solutions. Being nominated is already a prize in itself! Forssa Municipality stands bold next to the Museum: the Mayor Sami Sulkko, Cultural Manager Jarmo Pynnönen and Chairman of the Board of Education and the Future Raine Immonen will accompany Museum Manager Kivimäki to Glasgow. Finlayson supports us with classic Forssa patterns. We'll return home with lots of insight in how the best of museums do it.